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Bringing on Baby: a Pre-birth Guide to Natural Medicine

In our clinic we see a lot of women during their pregnancy and it's such a privilege to work with them through this time. Apart from general healthy living advice, we use acupuncturenutrition and herbal medicine to keep both mum and baby at their healthiest.

Usually, we recommend our pregnant patients check in with us through each trimester, and again at 34-36 weeks, in the lead up to labour and birth.

Sometimes we are asked to help with pregnancy challenges! These little ones seem to feel like staying put well past their due date and - apart from warm baths, walking up stairs and other at-home remedies - there are a number of natural medicines that can be very useful during this time.

In the weeks leading up to birth, herbal remedies such as Raspberry leaf, Withania and Squaw Vine may be combined in a personalised formula. Raspberry leaf is particularly well known for its use in pregnancy and is often drunk as a tea throughout the second and third trimester; it is considered a partus preparator i.e. a herb that prepares the body for labour and birth.

However, despite the best laid plans and healthiest mums, we occasionally get panicked calls from women who have sailed past 40 weeks! If the due date has come and gone, and bub is showing no signs of movement, we can use herbs such as Schisandra, Cramp Bark and Black Cohosh to get things underway.

It is always important to talk to a qualified practitioner before taking any supplements and herbs during pregnancy as these can affect the health of your baby. At HealthWise, we only recommend herbs and supplements we feel are necessary and know to be safe.

If you're pregnant, or planning to conceive, please talk to us about how we can support your through this wonderful time.


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