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Other Diagnostics

During the course of a consultation, your practitioner will take note of any sign or symptom that may relate to your health. That is because different parts of the body correspond to different conditions. For example:

  • White spots on the fingernails may indicate zinc deficiency.
  • A crease in the ear lobe is linked to poor heart function.
  • A longer 2nd toe (i.e. longer than the big toe) indicates digestive weakness.
  • Pulses in the ankles and feet signify poor circulation. As do puffy hands and fingers, swollen ankles, and cold extremities.

All body symptoms and signs represent something, the skill and art of the practitioner is being able to make sense of them all and devise an effective treatment plan.

The diagnostic tools described above will be used when appropriate, and may not apply in all cases or with all practitioners.


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