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Consultation & Cost

What happens during a consultation?

Your initial acupuncture consultation will involve the acupuncturist discussing your main health complaint in detail followed by some general health questions. Your practitioner may need to assess your complaint through palpation (eg. touching a painful shoulder to find the sore points), examining visually (eg. the colour of a rash) or listening (eg. the particular sound of a cough).

In addition to these diagnostic techniques, TCM places importance on examining the tongue and feeling the pulse. The tongue can give us clues to the cause of your health condition through its colour, shape, coating and markings. The pulse is analysed for its speed, strength, depth and other notable factors which can assist in identifying underlying causes for your condition.

Your acupuncturist will explain the TCM diagnosis for your condition and outline the treatment plan (eg. how many and what type of treatment would be required). This may include acupuncture, cupping, moxa, heat therapy, massage, dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation and referrals to other practitioners as required.

Lastly, your acupuncturist will make you comfortable on a treatment table and carefully insert fine needles into carefully chosen acupuncture points. Most people will enjoy 20-30mins of rest time on the table before the needles are removed. Allow up to 90 minutes for your first appointment.

Subsequent consultations involve a short consultation regarding the results of the last treatment and changes that have occurred. Your acupuncturist will make any necessary changes to the treatment plan and give you a 20-30 minute acupuncture session. Allow 45-60 minutes for your subsequent appointments.

How much will it cost?

Initial consultation (approximately 1 hour) $95
Subsequent consultation (approximately 45-60 minutes) $70

Some consultations are eligible for Health Fund rebates. 
Concession and pensioner prices are available - please contact us for more information.

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