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Zam Martin


Senior Practitioner

BHSc (Naturopathy), Medical Herbalist, BHSc (Registered Acupuncturist), Certificate of Acupuncture China, Counsellor, Yoga teacher

Zam is a naturopath, a registered acupuncturist and a counsellor, with qualifications in a number of related fields complementing her holistic treatment repertoire. Originally from Perth, Zam joined Healthwise in 1997 and quickly became a respected member of the team. She is now a senior practitioner in the clinic.

Since first graduating in 1994 she has continued her studies and expanded her knowledge base with the goal in mind of treating the whole person; providing a comprehensive range of treatment options from which she can provide truly holistic health care to her patients.

Naturopathy, including Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

Zam has a Bachelor of Heath Sciences in Naturopathy, with qualifications in herbal medicine, clinical nutrition and homeopathy. Her greatest interest and passion is herbal medicine, a field in which she has completed post-graduate studies. During the past ten years she has been a lecturer in major natural therapy colleges in Perth and Brisbane and has also presented to health care professionals at national conferences.


Completing another Bachelor of Heath Sciences, in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, demonstrated not only Zam's dedication to the ideals of holistic therapy, but also her commitment to professional standards of clinical qualification. As part of her training in acupuncture, Zam completed an internship in Chinese hospitals in 2001 and 2004.  Zam is an APHRA registered acupuncturist.


Zam's holistic practices incorporate another passion of hers, counselling. She primarily utilises Transactional Analysis, although she also has experience in Gestalt therapy, re-parenting, regression therapy and voice dialogue. These are used as appropriate to complement other treatments. Optimising the combination of physical and mental health is always a goal of her practice.

Treatment Interests

Zam has extensive experience in the treatment of fertility, menstrual disorders and menopause, digestive dysfunctions, musculoskeletal conditions and the management of stress and anxiety.

When Zam is not treating patients, her interest is in Yoga and she teaches yoga from her studio in Uki. Zam's other interests are gardening & swimming.

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