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David McLeod

Senior Practitioner


David founded HealthWise Clinic back in 1980 and has been a respected practitioner in the industry for over 42 years. He holds numerous qualifications in acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine and clinical nutrition.

David is a major figure in the field of Natural Therapies and has been instrumental in the field’s professional development, regulation and growth in Australia. Due to his expertise in this field, he was appointed to both the Complementary Health Consultative Forum and to the Expert Committee on Complementary Medicines in the Health Systems initiatives of the Australian Federal Government. He has previously held the title of President of the National Herbalists Association of Australia and has been a practitioner representative for the Office of Higher Education in Queensland. Additionally David was Chairman of the Board and the Head of Naturopathy at the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine. He also held the position of Senior Herbal lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

David has lectured extensively to health care professionals globally. His clinical research has been published in leading professional journals.

While David has studied many different fields of natural health he now focuses on Herbal Medicine treatments. Using an approach that is unique to each patient’s needs David believes the individual formulation of herbal medicine is one of the important keys to a long-lasting therapeutic result.

Treatment interests and Specialisations

David has a strong interest in the restoration of robust health and the promotion of healthy ageing. David is skilled and has extensive experience in the treatment of chronic health conditions including immune and autoimmune conditions.

David has undertaken extensive study in Chinese hospitals working in both the Oncology and Gynaecology departments. Along with Chinese specialists' David is a firm believer in the benefits of using both western and natural treatments when treating aggressive forms of conditions.

Always broadening his knowledge of natural remedies David frequently travels to India to research the beneficial healing properties of Naturopathy and yoga. Based on his experiences in India David believes exercise is one of the three pillars of health and is well suited as a part of a healthy ageing regime.

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