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Cultivating a Free and Easy Mind

When you feel 'stuck' in a situation or particular emotion such as anger or worry, this has a physical effect on your body.  Take a moment to think of how you feel when you are stressed or frustrated - your neck and shoulders get tight, your breathing becomes shallow and your appetite may change (either you go off food or you crave comfort foods). Many common illnesses are worsened by stress, so there is no doubt that adopting a 'free and easy' mindset will be of benefit to your overall health. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine evolved in a culture immersed in Taoist and Buddhist philosophy.  The Taoists prided themselves on being in tune with the movements of nature, likened to "going with the flow". The Buddhists placed importance on the avoidance of rigid concepts and the acceptance that all situations are temporary and subject to change.  These ideas can be used to view difficult situations from a new 'less stressful' perspective.  Employing these ideas may keep you calm and well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors recognised that a 'stuck' mind was such a problem that a herbal formula was developed to address this common condition.  At HealthWise we still select some of the herbs from the original Chinese formula (eg. bupleurum, dong quai, paeonia and licorice) in your personalised formula where applicable. We also employ some fantastic western herbs for stress-related conditions such as kava and St John's wort.  Our herbal tea "Cool, calm and collected", affectionally known as the "Triple C Tea" allows you to replace a stimulating coffee with a tasty herbal formula for stress management.

Herbal medicine is not the only supportive tool in cultivating a free and easy mind.  There are many acupuncture points that can be used to assist your body to let go of stress and tension.

As discussed, the mind and body influence each other, so physical movement such as walking, yoga or the sport of your choice is a great way to 'move' a stuck mind.  Muscular pains, in particular, are often a sign of stagnation in the physical body caused by a lack of adequate movement.  Breathing exercises are another physical way to move 'stuckness'. 

Changing the way you view and react to difficult situations is perhaps the most important step.  Meditation offers many opportunities for the mind to roam free from constraints and counselling techniques may offer some practical techniques for removing any self-imposed barriers that are blocking you from being the calm, free, easy-going person you know you can be.


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